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Hottest places one Earth

Day 01 : Beginning of the tour in Addis Ababa.

Morning free. Afternoon (1400 hrs from the hotel) tour of the capital: visit Entoto mountains with views over the capital, the National museum, St George church. ON (overnight) chosen hotel.

Day 02 : Fly to DireDawa.

Meet your vehicles and proceed to Harar. On the way visit the chad market at Awed. Afternoon visit of Harar: the mosques, city walls, the basket production, the markets, French poet Rimbaud house, and more. Evening visit a man feeding wild hyenas, at the doors of the town. Meals & ON in hotel.

Day 03 : Drive to the Awash National Park,

Visiting Afar people on the way. At the park admire a very nice flora & fauna (Oryx, lesser kudu, dik-dik, crocodiles, hippos, many birds & more), the Awash river falls + the river gorge & more. ON Fafate lodge in the park or Genet hotel in Awash town.

Day 04 : Breakfast & game drive.

Proceed then to the Afar people and reach Semera, where we take the permits for the Danakil. Dinner & ON camping Me’aseni lodge or other.

Day  05 : Visit Afar people extracting salt from lake Afdera.

Proceed to the hot springs, where we’ll camp (next to the springs). Lunch on the way; dinner & ON camping

Day 06 : Drive till Dodom.

Then organize the camels for the materials and trek from around 1500 hrs till early evening to the volcano. Here are fantastic views, with the lava and the volcano rim. Lunch on the way; dinner & ON camping on the volcano.

Day 07:  Full day at the Ertale volcano.

Can walk all around the rim. Meals & ON on top.

Day 08 : Walk back to Dodom,

to meet the vehicles. Drive then to an Afar people village (Emegubi village) for some very interesting experiences, admiring their culture & way of life. Lunch on the way; dinner & ON in the village.

Day  09 : Proceed to Homedale.

Lunch on the way; dinner & ON camp.

Day10 :  Another special day: drive to Dallol,

to see the Afar men extracting salt. Are spectacular colors of nature, unique in the world. Dinner & ON camping Hamdella.

Day 11 : Follow up camels caravans and walk with the Afar people for a few minutes

You’ll see how they prepare their traditional bread, how they travel, communicate & more. Is another unique experience. Lunch on the way; dinner & ON camping at Berhale camping site.

Day 12 : Drive to Mekele

These day will be dedicated for a drive back to the head quarters of the Tigray Region at once was the head quarters for the UN when there was A war between Ethiopia and Eretria and has some of the most unique Monuments of the Emperor Yohannes who fought for the His country and his people . ON at A Hotel.  

Day 13 : Next Day Morning Flight to Addis

These afternoon will be Dedicated to see the rest of Addis , and doing some last day Shopping at the capital city of Africa and the head quarters of the African Union. later in the evening have a fair well dinner at one of the best Ethiopian Traditional Restaurants and Watch the Different types of Ethiopian Dancing and have our traditional Ethiopian Variety Foods . right after Dinner since it is A Departure Day people who have flights will be dropped at the airport with a great Good bye from Us and our staff.  the rest will be taken back to there hotel till there time for flight gets closer.

Service Ends Here.